Graduate School Recommendation Letter Sample from Supervisor

Graduate School Recommendation Letter Sample from Supervisor

The graduate school recommendation letter sample from supervisor serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking admission to graduate programs. This letter showcases the candidate's abilities, academic achievements, and personal characteristics, providing a comprehensive perspective for admissions committees. The supervisor, having firsthand knowledge of the candidate's work ethic, skills, and potential, is well-suited to provide an insightful and authentic recommendation. The letter should include specific examples that highlight the candidate's strengths, and serve to demonstrate their suitability for the desired graduate program. Furthermore, the supervisor should provide a clear and concise summary of the candidate's qualifications, ensuring that the letter is impactful and compelling. A graduate school recommendation letter from a supervisor holds significant weight in the admissions process, making it essential for the supervisor to be thorough, thoughtful, and detail-oriented in their assessment of the candidate.

How to Write Graduate School Recommendation Letter Sample from Supervisor?

Here is Graduate School Recommendation Letter Sample from Supervisor, you can use as a template or reference for your needs.

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Organization or Institution]


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to highly recommend [Student's Name] for admission to [Graduate School Program]. As [Student's Supervisor/Manager] at [Company/Organization], I have had the privilege of closely observing [him/her] and [his/her] work for the past [number of years].

[Student's Name] is an exceptional individual who has consistently demonstrated intelligence, diligence, and a strong work ethic. [He/She] approaches [his/her] tasks with great enthusiasm and consistently goes above and beyond requirements. [His/Her] ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously while ensuring the highest levels of quality and timely completion is truly impressive.

I have witnessed [Student's Name] flourish in a team setting, effectively collaborating with colleagues and contributing valuable insights. [He/She] has also demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities, taking initiative on projects and motivating others to achieve shared goals. [Student's Name] possesses excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, which have proven essential in effectively conveying complex ideas and concepts.

Furthermore, [Student's Name] exhibits exceptional analytical and critical thinking abilities. [He/She] has repeatedly demonstrated the capacity to grasp complex concepts quickly and develop innovative solutions to challenges. [His/Her] ability to approach problems from a variety of angles and think creatively makes [him/her] a standout candidate.

Not only does [Student's Name] excel academically, but [he/she] also possesses impressive personal qualities. [He/She] is highly reliable, responsible, and exhibits a strong commitment to meeting deadlines. [Student's Name] is exceptionally organized, detail-oriented, and demonstrates a high level of professionalism in [his/her] work.

I have no doubt that [Student's Name] will continue to excel in [Graduate School Program] and make significant contributions to the field. [His/Her] dedication, intellect, and drive will undoubtedly lead to [his/her] continued success as [he/she] pursues further education.

I wholeheartedly recommend [Student's Name] for admission to [Graduate School Program] without reservation. [He/She] is an exceptional candidate who will undoubtedly thrive in the program and bring immense value to the academic community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [Your Email Address/Phone Number] if you have any further questions or require additional information.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Organization or Institution]

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Good to know when writing

  1. Address the letter to the appropriate individual or department at the graduate school.
  2. Clearly state in the opening paragraph that you are writing a recommendation letter for the applicant.
  3. Provide specific details about your relationship with the applicant, including how long you have known and worked with them.
  4. Highlight the applicant's academic achievements, skills, and qualities that make them a strong candidate for the graduate program.
  5. Include specific examples or anecdotes that demonstrate the applicant's abilities and accomplishments.
  6. Mention any leadership roles or responsibilities the applicant has held, as well as any notable contributions they have made.
  7. Discuss the applicant's potential for success in the graduate program and their dedication to their chosen field of study.
  8. Address any weaknesses or limitations of the applicant, but do so in a constructive and objective manner.
  9. Emphasize the applicant's intellectual curiosity, ability to work independently, and their strong work ethic.
  10. Conclude the letter by summarizing your recommendation and expressing your confidence in the applicant's ability to excel in the graduate program.


Questions to be asked when writing Graduate School Recommendation Letter from Supervisor:

  • How long have you worked under the supervisor?
  • What specific skills or qualities did the supervisor observe in you during your time working together?
  • Did the supervisor mention any notable accomplishments or achievements that would be relevant to your graduate school application?
  • What is the supervisor's professional background and qualifications? How does their expertise lend weight to their recommendation?
  • Did the supervisor express confidence in your ability to succeed in graduate school and provide specific reasons why they believe you would be a strong candidate?
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